Our Pet Friendly Policy

  1. Your pet must be properly vaccinated and protected from both fleas and ticks—yes we have ticks in this region. Lyme disease as well.
  2. Quiet, please. While we understand you may need to leave your dog in your room while you enjoy our breakfasts, otherwise your dog should not be left alone  in your room. Sounds carry here in the countryside. We all appreciate the quiet and peacefulness, so hopefully your dog will as well.
  3. Please pick-up after your dog! Please bring whatever bags you use to pick-up after your dog and use them here.
  4. Our Housekeepers will not enter a room for cleaning if there is a dog inside.
  5. Dogs are not permitted in the pool.
  6. Please be sure your dog is under your control at all times.  There is a great deal of wildlife in the area--from cottontail bunnies to skunks, to deer and many other of  Mother Nature’s creatures both great and small.   It’s important for the safety of your dog, that your pet is under your control at all times. Anyone that has dealt with a dog being “skunked” knows this lesson all too well. So, please be sure your dog is always under your control when our and around the property.